Thursday, June 19, 2008

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Five years ago, Mr. Man and I were at serious odds over something called "Replay", essentially a first generation Tivo. He was hogging it, and shows for both of us were randomly being deleted by the other person. It was a constant source of friction. One day, we had a brilliant idea to get His and Her Tivo's. BEST. THING. EVER. Our marriage quickly went from being constant bickering to bliss.

Flash forward a year, I'm sitting in church during Sunday School, the teacher says, "Who knows the secret to a happy marriage?" I turned to my neighbor and went... "Oh my gosh, I actually know the answer to this!" I raised my hand and was so excited to share my answer of "His and Her Tivo's". Although, it wasn't quite the answer the teacher was looking for, I SWEAR I saw a bunch of lightbulbs go off over people's heads.

Relating to this, there has been an annoyance in my life since the day I met and married Mr. Man. The guy has about 10,000 remotes cluttering up the family room. I gave him a fancy Universal Remote once that cost as much as 4 Tivo's and it was so complicated, only the folks at NASA know how to use it. Then the heavens opened up and dropped on our doorstep was this lovely Logitech Harmony Universal Remote. It is PURE GENIUS. It was sent to me by the folks at BzzzAgent. I was skeptical, because we have an insane amount of electronics, however it was so easy to use... that *I* set it up. It replaces 7 remotes! Brilliant!
Even better, it alleviates the scare of "what if a remote goes missing?" Such as the AppleTV remote that is the size of a pack of a gum, and went missing for 3 days and was found in the dungeon of Mr. Boys castle. Or the "what if the dog eats the remote?" which happened when Sandy was a puppy, and ate a remote that was on backorder and cost a small fortune to replace. We had to get off the couch for 8 months to change the channel until the replacement arrived. Hooray for fabulous Unversal Remotes! Hooray for marital bliss!


Tammy said...

we also have a logitech universal older version...LOVE IT! worth every penny. gonna have to look into the his and hers tivos. btw...don't you LOVE having the right answer in church?!?

laura said...

ah - that is a nice set up! :) very good!