Monday, June 09, 2008

Sick Day

There is "not feeling well" and then there is sick. With kids, there are runny noses or days where they are extra tired and cranky. Then there is SICK. Poor Mr. Boy is breaking my heart. This is one sick puppy... He's been lethargic, needing tons of extra snuggles, and is HOT. The kid has had an abnormally high fever for three days that Tylenol or Motrin won't help. Doc ran some tests this morning, but we were sent home with instructions... lots of lukewarm baths and cuddles, sip ginger ale, and watch lots of movies. Sounds good to me!


Cimblog (tm) said...

I think he has tricyclitis!!!!!

laura said...

poor mr boy! :( keep those hugs and liquids coming, mom!

christina said...

Such a sweet sick puppy. Look at his baby cheeks! pinch pinch, so cute! I'm not really a pincher, I like to "machine gun" kiss my kids cheeks when they wake up. They're warm, soft and so kissable.