Thursday, August 27, 2009

Favorite Things Swap

A while ago I signed up for a Favorite Things Swap on a blog I enjoy reading. This was the perfect thing for me to fulfill my secret desire. I wish to be Oprah for the sole reason (well other than her wealth) to be able to share my favorite things to a large fanbase who is excited by something as revolutionary as Mr. SevenHands. Maybe I need to make my "Top Faves" a blog regular for the benefit of the 6 of you who read my blog. Anyway, I'm rambling.
So the deal was, I pack up my 3 or so favorite things and send them off to some blogger in a faraway land. She sends me back her favorite items. I got a little carried away and couldn't narrow it down to three things, but that's okay. Here is what I sent: my favorite magazines, Real Simple & a subscription to Family Fun. My favorite scent Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbana. Reusable bags because I can't live without them. My favorite Book, The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. Mini Nail Polishes with names like "Spank" and "Divine Diva Pink." I love these nail polishes because they are cheap and come in amazing colors. I included cocktail umbrellas, because my kids will eat anything if it looks festive. They won't touch watermelon, but I put an umbrella in it, voila it's suddenly as tasty as candy. I included our favorite family recipes and my all time favorite Kitchen Tool: Fridgesmart by Tupperware. We love lots of farm fresh produce, but it doesn't last as long as the grocery store produce. These containers keep fruit and veggies fresh for a long time, especially berries.
Today I got my package from Mandee of DoverFamilyCircus
She sent an awesome package containing a ton of goodies. My kids snatched the books right out of my hands, because they are from one of our favorite series. My favorite book was Mr. Bump growing up. The kids also snatched up the orange pail with Disney Magnets & Coke pencils and the Nativity is currently nestled in AK's hand while she sleeps. They are total theifs! I love the Journal and the Journal Jar, along with the Word Fill In book which should help keep my brain super sharp. The cardmaking kit and photo album are just my style, along with the Home decoration.
My Favorite Favorite Favorite is the a collection of Mandee's favorite recipes. I've already marked a full weeks worth of recipes to try from her book. I LOVED the package I received and I had the best time doing it.
PS For extra credit... can you spot the Star Wars action figure that Mr. Boy snuck into the 2nd picture? I didn't notice it, until I posted the pic. Sneaky!


Chris said...

Hey. Good idea. I like the storm trooper.

Brooke said...

So JEALOUS! That is awesome - I want all that stuff - from both packages!!!!

Cindy said...

Guess what? (I know, chicken butt.) When I was a kid, Arby's had figurines from the 'Mr' Miss' series of books. I still have a whole bunch of them. I should get those out. The kids would probably love them.

[O] jai said...

Awesome! Our family favorite was Mr. Noisy.


(That still gets a lot of use at family dinners.)

Mary said...

LOL @ the storm trooper. Sneaky boy.