Sunday, August 30, 2009

Left my heart...

Mr. Boy had never been on a plane, so we decided to skip town and head North to see my brother in San Francisco. Just Mr. Boy and myself! Mr. Boy LOVED being on a plane, and I was super impressed with Virgin America, who gave us super great service and went above and beyond to make Mr. Boy's first trip a success.My sister in law is amazing and has a super cool job working for ILM. She gave us the superstar tour, she even arranged for stormtroopers & Boba Fet to geet us. Ok, so maybe we just lucked into arriving when they were shooting a promo. We saw all sorts of cool film props... These are the real deal, people. Star Wars obsessed Mr. Boy was in heaven.
Can you believe this is the view from someone's office? My brother... I adore him. We have a lot in common other than our looks. When I was sixteen and in the midst of teen angst, he took me under his wing and was my "soft place to fall". And for that I'm incredibly grateful. He spoils me rotten, always has. For most of my life he has introduced me as "My Baby Sister", I don't even think he knows that he says it. Mr. Boy loved going over the Golden Gate. We had learned the history of the bridge a few months back, and it's something we always associate with where Mr. Boy's cousin lives. Seriously, again... Can you imagine you are playing at the local kids museum and *THIS* is the view from the playground? I love it... and I love this little nephew of mine. No, really, I love this little guy. He is the life of the party and has this GIANT vocabulary. I wanted to take him and his older brother home with me.My brother is an all star BBQ chef and an outstanding host. He made us the most amazing meals, and I came home well fed and rejuvenated. Mr. Boy tried all sorts of adventurous foods, like crawfish. My brother is a crazy talented musician. Mr. Boy wants to be a rock star just like him.

Fine by me! I hope you grow up to be just like my big brother. Rock on little one!

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stacy said...

Ryan and I flew on Virgin America when they were brand spankin' new. We had a fabulous experience as well. Your trip looks awesome. I won't show RJ the pictures- he'll be so jealous!