Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ya Ya Afternoon

Best thing about living here in sunny southern California is the vacationing visitors that pass through here. We love having our friends come to visit. I'm not kidding when I say all of you are welcome at the Chateau. My pal Bob came to visit and brought along this delicious wee one. She was just so lovable and I want to rub that round head for luck, it is perfect. I bet she'll grow up and look just like her mom, lucky girl.... her mom looks like a real life Barbie. Bob's kids love Star Wars, so it was light saber fights galore. And Stef's kids are in touch with their sci fi side, which means they aren't afraid to pick up a lightsaber and show that the powers of the force reside within them. We pulled out the waterslide.... which meant that the three of us... got to hang out and chat while we threw snacks at the kids. I love the Ya Ya's (Booboo & Nettie were absent and were dearly dearly dealy missed) There is something about being with people that know you, and you can be 100% open with that is just as refreshing as a vacation. I know I could tell them anything, and they would love me just the same. Also, I love the Petit Ya Ya's, I love hearing about their successes and talking to them. I love spoiling them when their mom isn't looking. I genuinely want to hang out with the kids and talk to them. Bottom line: whatever time I spend with any or all of them... it's always too brief. If I win the lotto, I'm building a YaYa compound with a handful of big houses, lots of hired help, and lightsabers for everyone.

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Brooke said...

So sad I missed it! Looks like tons of fun :)