Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to School Feast *a flashback*

Totally stole this idea from Nie Nie . A back to school feast to ring in the new school year, done in a much smaller scale as Nie's. First things first, everyone got baths where every last bit of summer beach sand was scrubbed off. AK wanted makeup for a special treat "to get pretty for dinner". Mr. Boy put it on her, and then let AK do it to him. It was hilarious.
For dinner, they wore crowns they had decorated themselves. We ate out on the deck, with candles and linens, which the kids picked out. Notice Baby Roller Hand attended too. (PS.. don't ask your kids to say "Muppet" instead of "Cheese" because their smiles look like this. )
On the table was a sparkly bag covered in jewels. Inside it was the secret to a successful life that would unlock the world's riches. With their eyes as big as saucers, I let Mr. Boy pull it out and read it. The note said, "Be Nice." I'm not gonna lie, Mr. Boy looked a little dissappointed. I think he was hoping the secret to life's riches was a pirates treasure map. However, I want my children to remember it is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. All in all, a great tradition, one I hope to repeat for years to come.
*If I call this a flashback, does it hide the fact I'm posting about something that has been in my drafts folder for 3 months, waiting to be blogged?


[O] jai said...

I did not know you read Nie Nie. I am a big fan of her sister, cjane. They're quite a family. We should totally hang out with them sometime.

Anna said...

Don't tell then that blue eyeshadow is as "out" as Mom-jeans. ;-)

laura said...

that is awesome wendy. i totally have to remember that next year! <3