Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Haircut Time

Mr. Boy has this lucious blond hair that is soft as silk. I love having it long. The bowl cut is great on toddlers... not so cool on elementary kids. This kid is resistant to change... wonder where he gets that from... :) I tried pointing out that he could pick any haircut he wanted, even a mohawk. He chose the bowl cut again.
PS Mr. Man who once had a roommate who was a hair stylist... which makes Mr. Man a hair stylists by osmosis or something, cuts Mr. Boy's hair. He wants me to make it clear we actually don't use a bowl, because he is wayyyyyy more talented than that. Mr. Boy also doesn't want anyone but Mr. Man to cut his hair. The whole thing is a little embarrassing, so I'm gonna pretend I don't know these guys when out in public.

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