Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Skoopix

My sweet lovable Skoopix, Happy Birthday. On this day we celebrate the joy that you are in our lives. I know you are just a dog, but you are MY dog. You follow me everywhere, and are so lovable. It has been heavily debated whether or not you have a heart so big it encroaches on your brain capacity, or if you are a smart dog who is just loyal and good hearted. You rarely steal food, you will sit on command, and you never pull or push us. If I could describe you in one word it is: Joy. You are just happy and joyful to be part of the family. The kids climb ALL over you, and you are content to let them play. You walk in with me to check on the kids at night and sniff them both to make sure they are there. When one of the children are gone, you sit by the door waiting their return. When we drop you off at the vet for a check up, you get so anxious. Your anxiety level is so high it makes the vet nervous, and she has found that you are happiest laying on a dog bed in the corner. No need for a kennel, or a gate, you will stay where you are asked to go. All you need is to feel like you are involved. That is just like at home, you are always in the middle of it all. Tonight the kids sang to you while you happily thumped your tail. They fed you a peanut butter filled bagel and you gave each one of them a long lick on the cheek. We could learn a lot from you, patience, loyalty, and enjoying, savoring each moment as they come.
Happy Birthday Skoopix,You are well loved.


Laura said...

Awwww, sweet little Skoopi. Happy Birthday!

Brooke said...

Sheesh...would you stop making me want a dog? I don't have time!!!