Saturday, December 05, 2009

Giving Thanks for Pie

I lack a certain domestic gene when it comes to baking, it's never been a big deal because my in-laws are amazing bakers. I was super excited and a bit intimidated when it was announced that this Thanksgiving we would hold the First Annual Family Thanksgiving Pie Contest. I perused pie recipes for weeks, and decided on a Turtle Pumpkin Pie. I added the secret ingredient and all was going well. Well, until I got to the presentation portion. I was trying to drizzle homemade caramel sauce in a decorative pattern but it didn't work. A couple different attempts ended up with caramel on the cabinets, ceiling, my face & hair. I highly doubt my in laws had any kitchen mishaps during their pie baking.
It was insanely difficult to get the caramel sauce to get out of my hair. Remind you of anything?
There were 11 pies for 22 people, it was awesome.The judges enjoyed their tasting plates and took their job very seriously. I gave Mr. Man a wink hoping that would sway his vote. It worked! I won!!!The award for the "Creamiest Pie" was mine! I was awarded a sparkley bracelet as my prize. Turns out everyone was a winner, those clever judges had a category for everything. Some of them were hilarious. Even my mom who passed the pesky Anti-baking gene my way, won a prize for the "Most Manly" pie. (Pecan Pie with all those nuts!) Thanksgiving was lovely, and the pie contest was totally worth it. It's always a good time at Aunt Deb's house. The worlds most gracious host and one of my top ten favorite people on the planet.


Mary said...

I was wondering how that pie contest turned out. I love the Manly Pie award. AWESOME.

Tammy said...

ha! how on earth did you have a caramel mishap!?! congratulations on your win!

Megan said...

I got to try it the next day... It was good! Congrats to all the winners.. Wish I could have had some of them all.

Heather said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. It is so different and entertaining! And I dont leave feeling like a failure of a mom. I love adventures, and your life is full of them! And they arent the same ol' brag blog. Thanks, miss you and your fam!