Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Birthday Surprise

I had this brilliant idea for Mr. Man's birthday. I was so excited I could barely sleep the night before, because I knew for the "Man who has everything", this would be a birthday experience he wouldn't forget. So, the minute he got home from a hard day's work, I piled everyone in the car and we headed south. Mr. Man tried to get details of where we were going, but I wouldn't say a thing. He was stunned to see Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour as we rounded the corner. This was the place of a young Mr. Man's birthday parties, and a popular hangout spot in high school. In the early 1990's Farrell's closed it's doors, but it's been brought back by some savvy investors. Mr. Man has several fond memories of Farrell's, and it was awesome to surprise him with this. I don't really know how to describe Farrell's other than it's loud and happy. They slapped a sticker on Mr. Man announcing his birthday, and told him he was in for a treat. My advice: skip the food, it was pretty much like eating cardboard.
After dinner, sirens started going off, a man with a giant bass drum led a group of "celebration assistants" who were singing, cheering, and clapping. They made Mr. Man stand up and announced to all the patrons, we were celebrating a birthday. They started to sing loudly. Mr. Boy was thoroughly entertained. Mr. Man proclaimed it was "It's just like when I was 9!" Then they served us huge amounts of ice cream which was delicious. AK ate every last drop of all our sundaes and proceeded to lick every last bit of chocolate. She gets super feisty and protective of her ice cream. If you get your spoon close to her dish, she growls and uses her spoon as a weapon. With our bellies full, we came home to open gifts. Mr. Man got Legos.. just like he when he was 9! (btw in case you can't tell... Mr. Boy is in the picture wearing camouflage from head to toe.)The misters spent most of the night perusing this awesome book, which is a must have for any Star Wars Lego Fan. All in all, a super fun surprise and a great way to celebrate the birthday of the man I love. Joyeux Anniversaire mon amour!


Brooke said...

Good job! Tim is lucky if he gets a pat on the back for his birthday ;)

Cimblog (tm) said...

Well done...Are you *sure* Mr. Man was enjoying it??