Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Remember a few weeks ago when I pleaded to the masses to vote for me in the Just Spotted Disneyland Holiday Contest... and then how I won... and professed my undying love and devotion to all my friends? Well, we got to do our VIP Disney Day, and it was SPECTACULAR. I have to break it up, otherwise it would a gigantic post with 200 pictures.
One of the big highlights of the day was going to a reception & dinner. We had the chance to get "dolled up" by the Disney Studio 365 team. I cannot wait to take AK and her little friend there. It was so fun, and I secretly want to have my birthday party there. AK could not believe it when the lady said, "Would you like Pink or Purple Hair Extensions?" She has wanted Pink Hair FOREVER. The last two years, when she blew out the candles on her cake, her secret wish has been for Pink hair. At school when she is Star Student, she has colored a picture of herself with pink hair in the, "If I could have one wish it would be.. " box.
Mr. Boy wanted a Blue Mohawk, and this lady went to town to make it a reality. A crowd gathered to watch her magic, and Mr. Boy was embarrassed and looked at his feet the entire time while he blushed. He secretly loved EVERY minute of it.
I want this wand so bad! It's a glitter shaker! I would go crazy and shake glitter on everything... right down to our waffles... so maybe it's best I don't have one.Wish granted! Pink Hair (extensions)!
The kids show off their new "do's". AK stroked her pink ponytails for three days straight. She loved them so much, I had a hard time trying to get her to take them out. By day 3, her hair was looking a little frumpy. She relented on one condition...
That I dye her hair pink.
And so I did, because how often do you get to fulfill someones biggest wish?

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Brooke said...

Wow - do they get to have pink hair as teenagers too?