Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Just off the family room, behind these gorgeous doors, is the rumpus room aka playroom. If you remember... this could have been a spacious master bath. However, I do not regret giving up a clawfoot tub for one minute. (Truth? well, I regretted for maybe for 30 seconds, 58 seconds tops.) The kids LOVE this space! I love this space! Mr. Man loves this space! We christened this room by curling up on the couch and watching those wacky Penguins of Madagascar. (I love that show, serious funny for kids and adults.)
Speaking of Mr. Man, he bought them the bookshelf just so the kids have something to make their "scenes" on. Everyday we find new scenes on those shelves, and I love that Mr. Man loves their scenes enough that he insisted on buying it.

This is the view from the new den. I love that I can keep an eye on them, while getting stuff done at my desk. Yet, they are far enough away I can focus on important things.... like buying shoes and blogging.
Inside the playroom is the most fabulous door. It opens to the most fabulous closet that holds almost every toy we own. I'm toying with putting a lock on it, but Mr. Man says I'm a giant ogre for wanting it. He hasn't been around when every single toy has come out of the closet during a playdate. All in all, the kids are awesome about putting their stuff away. If I were President, I'd give everyone in America a playroom with a big closet and soda would come out of the drinking fountains!


Mary said...

Wow... we have like eleventy billion more toys than that. I need to do some purging while the kids are at school.

Yay for the playroom!

Marissa said...

Loving the play room!!! Seriously LOVE the closet!!! Yeah, I could use one of those...