Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relaxipants (tm)

I'm knee deep in tax season, and all I can think about this week is crawling into bed and having some serious R & R, which reminded me of this Mr. Boy-ism.When Mr. Boy was two, he asked to wear his "Relaxipants (tm)". That was his term for his favorite pair of comfy pants, and it's stuck. Mr. Boy is passionate about Relaxipants (tm) and puts them on every chance he gets. He has s a list of criteria a mile long for a good solid pair of Relaxipants(tm). One day, I will manufacture a whole line of Relaxipants (tm). After all... It's a fantastic term for fantastic pants.


Davis Family said...

if i could i would live in relaxipants.

Mary said...

Just add a Snuggie and his relaxation outfit would be complete!

**MIGNONNE** said...

Totally awesome. Around here they are called soft pants and they go on the moment I get home.