Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day is Mr. Boy's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we had a grand evening where we crammed 50 adults and children into our home, while the rain came down outside.   I love this pile of coats and boots by the front door, it's a rare sight around this town.  
While our guests enjoyed Corned Beef & Cabbage or Bangers & Mash, my mind kept wandering back to the real reason why we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  Nine years ago on St. Patrick's Day,  Mr. Man & I nervously walked into the adoption agency to meet a birthmother who had chosen us to adopt the baby she was carrying.  We were terrified at meeting this woman, and had a wide range of emotions that day.  Would she like us?  What would this relationship be like? Strained? Awkward? Intrusive? When we walked into the room and saw her, it felt like we had known her for 100 years.   We laughed, we cried, we talked, and when it came time to say goodbye, I knew that my life had changed forever.  I was going to be a mother. 
Four months later after multiple visits, our beautiful 1/2 Irish boy was born and placed into my arms.  In the last nine years, I have given thanks each and every night for the courageous birthmothers of my children and of children everywhere. 
I see so much of Mr. Boys birthmother in him, in his smile, his eyes, and his sense of humor.  I love it, because it reminds me of  the women I love so dearly, who made me a mother. 


Kate said...

What a great reason to be celebrating!

Anonymous said...

::sob:: I bet she feels the same and gives thanks every day that G-d sent a such a wonderful set of parents to raise that precious bundle.


Tanya said...

So sweet!!!

micki @ ADD housewife said...

That's so beautiful!

Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

so sweet, thanks for sharing

Sprinkle Some Sunshine said...

Love this story! What a lucky boy he is!