Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dressing Up..

My kids are always quick to point out the "other moms".  "Other mom's" pack fruit roll up and lunchables... "Other mom's" don't nag about getting faces washed and putting on a clean shirt.   Sometimes, I'm proud I march to the beat of my own drum, but other times they are spot on in pointing out my shortfalls.

When Mr. Boy was in Kindergarten at the fabulous little Jesus-lovin school, he pointed out... "All the other mom's dress up for Halloween"  and most of them did.   I made a vow that I would dress up, but it took a few years for me to get in the mode to do it.   The first year,  my halloween costume was  held hostage while the floors were being redone and I was in the midst of my remodeling induced emotional breakdown.   Last year I went as a glam witch.... but I knew I wanted to do something original for this year.    

And it was a hit.... I forgot how fun it was to dress up.   It was such an easy costume to make and I think my fabulous new shades give "Flo" a touch of pizazz!

Last year, AK was sweet Madeline and I loved designing her costume.   We spotted a little girl at a halloween carnival wearing an Olivia Costume last year and AK said, "Mom! I want to be Olivia next year!"  
 Of course trying to hunt down a red and white striped shirt or fabric proved to be challenging because whenever you need something it's always scarce.
I made her little red jumper and the ears, and AK is thrilled with her costume. I love that she is still little enough that she wants me to make her costumes.   Mr. Boy wants none of that now....  he wants blood, guts, and gore. 
I don't have pictures of Mr. Boy in his costume, but I do have a picture of what happens when you eat nothing but candy and soda for an entire day.  Poor guy learned a tough lesson over the weekend, our bodies aren't made for a steady diet of sugar and chocolate.  He proclaimed at one point, "I won't ever eat chocolate again!" 
Any bets on how long that will last?  


Hillary said...

Poor Nate! Love all of your costumes so much! Nate's was really awesome too!

Tanya said...

Lol! I day things like that too, but it never lasts more than a few hours. I love the olivia costume! Super cute!

Tanya said...


Jerri Washam said...

Yeah, I’m sure there wasn’t anyone with the same “Flo” costume as yours! It was pretty smart too. :D How about AK’s Olivia getup? I think it was a near-perfect reproduction. You did really well with the jumper. :) But did you have her put on a pig snout?