Monday, October 01, 2012

It can all wait until tomorrow...

One morning with a stack of papers on my desk and a sink full of dirty dishes, my friend Hillary and I were lamenting about the only terrible fabric store somewhat near us. We both are working on house projects and needed fabric. These are first world problems, I know.
Silly us! We live in LA, home of the garment district.  Then we wondered what would happen if we blew everything off for the morning and hit downtown. And I said, "YES! Let's find out what happens when we blow off our responsibilities." 

Once downtown, Hillary showed off her talent of finding the perfect fabric for her project only to find out it was the priciest fabric in the store.  I showed off my talent of being a really good enabler.

The dishes were still there when I got back, and the stack on my desk got addressed  in due time, but it was totally worth playing hooky from my life for a morning and indulge in a whim.  Thankful for Yes!

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Hillary said...

Let's do it again!