Friday, February 08, 2013

Month in review - January

We visited the Space Shuttle Endeavour which made me feel very patriotic.  I had taken the kids out of school to see  Endeavours final flight as it arrived in California.  
Mr. Boy had repair work on his jaw from the bout of cellulitis he had three years ago.   All in all, my kids are healthy.  As I sat in the waiting room with other parents who had children in surgery for serious medical reasons, I realized it is a blessing I take for granted. 
I made my first batch of cheese, which is my cooking project for the year.  It was a lot easier than I thought, and quite tasty. I am dreaming of summers eating fresh mozzarella by the pool with fat homegrown tomatoes.
We did a lot more of this as Mr. Boy is having a fierce battle with asthma this winter. 
The weather turned crazy cold, like high in the low 50's and we cityfolk whined and complained.   The rains came and with a puppy that means playing in mud. I spent most of the month spending some quality time with my mop.
The clouds parted and the sun came out again to warm us up. Zoey tested the pool out to make sure it was still working and soaked up the rays after.  This is quite possibly my favorite picture of Zoey.
Flu's of all sorts hit our house in one weeks time.  Miss AK had the stomach flu, which meant she spent plenty of time reading to the dogs on her "floor bed", which is her favorite part of being sick. 
Mr. Man was a great sport and we dressed up for Mr. Man's Swanky Company 1920's themed Party.  I think he should try and bring knickers back, what do you think?
 And somewhere in my month was my birthday, which as always is a time for reflection,  where I wonder, "What am I doing with my life?" 
I came up with a new plan in addition to the Yes Project... stay tuned. 

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Maxmomma said...

How can you ever wonder what you are doing with your life? What are you NOT doing with your life?! I think you cover your bases marvelously well! If only I could have half your energy... Happy Birthday and fingers crossed no more flu!