Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby, You are the Bee's Knees!

Every year Mr. Man's company throws a fancy party during the holidays, except for this year, they decided to push it out into January.   A week before the party I was perusing my party clothes when Mr. Man said, "Oh, did I mention it's a 20's theme? I'm supposed to go as a mobster and you are supposed to be a flipper."   First off, it's a flapper and why are you telling me a week before!  That's not enough time!

Turns out, you could dress as anything from the 1920's, a mobster was a suggestion and pretty much all the men dressed like Bugsy.
 I found this pic and knew that was the inspiration for Mr. Man. I cannot believe what a good sport he was.  He wore a pair of knickers!  That is a real man, right there.  The mustache was left over from his annual "vacation from shaving" and it worked perfectly.   I made knickers out of a pair of his old dress pants.   The vest was thrifted, the bow tie is new, the hat was borrowed, and his watch was blue.
I was surprised to find several great dresses at the thrift store.   I have a little bit of a phobia of trying on dresses at the thrift store, so I bought them all for a total of $24 dollars and washed them.  One fell apart, one didn't fit, and the other two were a toss up.   One looked way better on me, but the other was more authentic... what to do... what to do.  Oh! Except I'm vain and so I went with the one that looked better on me.  I bought Opera Length gloves that I think might become an everday staple.  They make even a trip to the grocery store feel very glam.  The jewelry is all from over town but the bracelet is something special.
The bracelet is from the 1920's and belonged to my great grandmother who lived in Hollywood from 1920 until she passed away.  I think of her a lot as I drive around LA.  She was a spunky and independent lady, way ahead of her time.  My favorite story is the day she got lost going to the Garment District and ended up in the Jewelry District Downtown.  She decided, "Well, close enough!" and bought herself a beautiful diamond ring instead of a dress. For a woman in the 1930's to buy such an expensive purchase without her husband is pretty awesome. I know I get a lot of my independent spirit from Great Grandma Bell.   

When we arrived at the club, I was overjoyed at the reaction to Mr. Man's outfit.  Everyone loved seeing Mr. Man dressed to the "nines" and he was declared the winner of the unofficial costume contest by the head honcho.  I love watching "work Mr. Man", he is different than "at home in my pajamas Mr. Man."  Mr. Man is loved by his colleagues, very chatty, and witty.  By the time Mr. Man gets home after a day of work, he has used up all his words and just mimes to us.  

 His company has changed a lot over the last few years, and this year I knew only two people at the entire party.  I felt a little bit like a fish out of water.   I hadn't prepped like I usually do with witty anecdotes and stories, which meant I spent a lot of time smiling and nodding.   When Mr. Man wasn't talking business about things like "PCP QPDOLL SAP Conversions"  we were living it up sans kids.  I always love visiting the photo booth and really want one for my living room.*wink wink* My birthday is coming up!
People are still talking about last years photo and speculating what took place during our session.  I think it is my favorite photo booth picture ever.
Getting ready for this party reminded me, just how much I love getting dressed up and going out.  Mr. Man is such a good sport and willing to go along with any idea.  I love that in a room full of mobsters he stood out as The Cats Pajamas and I proudly pointed him out to the ladies,  "Oh yes, the man sporting those fine knickers, he really is the Bee's Knees! And hands off ladies, he is all mine."  

*Thanks to Google for helping me brush up on 1920's fashion and slang before the big night out, seriously Internet... I love you.  


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