Monday, February 18, 2013

The Power of Friendships

To my darling children,

I know it is hard to comprehend why mom is excited to go away on a little trip without you guys at this age and that's okay, flattering really.   Moms need to recharge too, wives too, well actually all people do, and it's hard for me to recharge in my own domain.   Even when I'm "relaxing on the couch" I'm aware that there is a part of the crown molding that needs to be touched up, and goodness, when was the last time I dusted tv?
AK, I wish, pray, and hope that you will be blessed with great woman friends like I have been.  I learned by example, from my mom, who always had some dear sweet ladies who knew her, in some cases, better than my father did.  I am grateful for these woman who still check in with me every once in a while, even if talking to them is painful.   I would do the same for one of my friends daughters.  I am grateful for the power of girlfriends, who laugh and cry right along with me.  I'm grateful for the secrets they keep, for the strength they give me, and for the unconditional love.  I love them.  I love their kids. I love that our kids think they are all cousins, and that we are all related somehow.
I love that they know me so well, they have seen me struggle and overcome obstacles, and cheered me on.  When I confess, "I have NO idea what I am doing as a mother... what if I screw my kids up!?"  They are the ones who say, "You're doing a fine job, and we all end up screwing them up, because nobody is perfect." 
 I am grateful for a husband, who sends me off on girls weekends knowing I will return better than I left.  I return more patient, more centered, and more confident, and Mr. Boy, I hope you do the same for your darling wife.  Love, Mom

I am grateful for the Ya Ya's who I spent the weekend with, but I am grateful for the lady friends I have made everywhere I have lived.  As I drove home I thought about how lucky I am to have the Ya Ya's and a whole bunch of great friends.
Would you believe that  I returned home to this?   My house full of non YaYa's but friends just the same,  for our annual Super Bowl Party! 

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Anonymous said...

I feel like such a broken record when i leave a comment on your blog...your stories are great and spot on. I always laugh at something, even our similarities, and then feel a warm heart too, when your story wraps up. It does help to see others think about some things as you do.

Ok, and the funniest part was you saying how you can't really relax when know the crown moulding needs to be touched up! I have often said over the years to mike, "how can you sit there in your chair and relax when the baseboards are dusty??"

There is a reason why you have great people in your are a great friend yourself. You have such a wonderful spirit!