Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If they could see me now... The new Queen Latifah Talk Show

I was so incredibly unpopular in Junior High that even the band nerds shunned me.    My family didn't do sports, instead we played musical instruments.  The only problem was that my dumb older brothers hogged all the musical genes and left me with the mutant tone deaf ones.   I honked, squawked, and screeched for 30 minutes a day, practicing on various instruments on the hunt for "the one" that would be a match.  I was terrible. I didn't have a sense of rhythm, and I don't have an ear for music.  I wanted to quit, but my parents insisted I had to do Jr. High Band.   
That's really me... in Jr. High in all my Band Uniform glory.
We had Varsity and Beginner Bands, and while most had to audition, I was automatically put into the Varsity Band based on my brothers' talent.  I was horrible, I couldn't march "in time", and the band nerds hated me for "bringing the band down".   It was rough, and when you throw in all my dad's mortifying antics, I was convinced my only way to happiness involved a future in a remote mountain convent or Witness Protection.

We weren't allowed to listen to rock music in our house, no rap, no rock, no metal bands, but my brother was good to me and would slip me tapes marked "Bach" that were mixes of banned music.  There was one thing all the kids in Band loved, and that was Queen Latifah and Beastie Boys.  While we were lining up on the field to march and practice, all the kids would be beat boxing and rapping.  Meanwhile, I would stand off to the side, praying that band practice would be over with soon and that my dad wouldn't pick me up in a car with cases of toilet paper strapped to the roof.
Flash Forward:  A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the taping of the premiere episode of "The Queen Latifah Show" with a few bloggers.  I have loved  watching Queen Latifah navigate her career with integrity and the ability to stay real.  Here is what you need to know, Queen Latifah is really as nice as you think she is, and she does not disappoint.  She is the real thing, witty, down to earth, and likable. 

I loved everything about the show, the format, the guests, and especially the set.  The set was designed by Lenny Kravitz and is a total feast for the eyes. I'll show you more of the set in another post, it is unbelievable.    I had to pinch myself while I was wandering around on the set.  I am incredibly lucky, and feel my good fortune has come from learning to say "Yes" to the opportunities that came my way during "The Yes Project."
While I was watching the show, I couldn't help but think back to all the people in band who teased me in Junior High.   If only they could see me now...  Eat your heart out Band Nerds!  Watch the show on September 16th on CBS with special guest John Travolta and I'll bet you can spot me in the audience!

I want to know if you ever had one of those, "If they could see me now moments... " Tell me about it in the comments!


Jamie said...

You go girl! I love Queen Latifah almost as much as I love you. Looking forward to her new show

Kristen said...

She has such a beautiful, glowing personality! I LOVE that she is just as cool in person! Way to go, you!

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Can't wait to see her new show.

Laura said...

YOU'RE HOLDING A SAXOPHONE! I love that photo! What a great opportunity to go to the Queen's inaugural show. The set looks great - can't wait to hear more about it.

Most importantly though, did you play a little music for her? I would love to see you playing a woodwind while she rapped!

oneil said...

Oh dang, you make that uniform look good. Maybe you can wear it on a future episode of the show. I'll look for you with QL.

JoNell said...

Awesome! What a great opportunity and very well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Love Queen "T"! She rocks!


Anonymous said...

All hail the queen.
You had me at Lenny Kravitz!

Brooke said...

Best Picture Ever. Ever.

Jackie Finnigan said...

LOL! That band pic is hilarious. I am sorry to say, but it should go on the front of one of those "Awkward Family Photos" Cards. SO awesome!

Karlea said...

Awesome!! I've always liked QL too. I'm glad she's as nice as she seems. What a fun experience. Way to go you for the "yes" project. And yes, eat your heart out band geeks!!