Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015 - A round up of the awkwardness

Valentine's Day...repeatedly the most awkward day of the year for me.  Need some evidence, you can read my round up of Valentine's Day confessions below.

Valentine's Day in Junior High: A Tragedy .. need I say more?

Probably the most romantic Valentine's Day I have ever had... too bad it didn't involve Mr. Man

 Valentine's Day with someone more awkward than I.

The Valentine's Day that made me realize I never want to have a job that requires me to write "Dearest Schmoopy" on a card. 

Tell me... Love Valentine's Day or Loathe it? Post in the comments below. 

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Denise Jay said...

Loathe with a passion. I don't have any horror story to share about it, I've always hated it and the pressure it puts on people to perform and demonstrate their love. The expectations are so high that people can only fail. Blech!