Monday, January 28, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire

So how does a French wannabe celebrate ones birthday?

I was sent to the spa for a scrub and massage in the morning. It was very relaxing, but I must admit I was a little dissappointed by the spa. My last spa visit was at the St.Regis Resort and it was a pampering experience like NO OTHER. So, my point of reference is a little skewed. I couldn't help but feel like I was sitting on a lawn chair in the "tranquility room". In reality, it actually was a lawn chair, although made out of teak. The massage was fabulous, and I did leave relaxed, but it was not a place where I felt like I wanted to linger.

Then, I hit Nordstroms for a little retail therapy. I recently bought a pair of f'Uggs, and while they are not attractive they are fabulously warm and comfy. However, I am constantly tempted to wear them out in public, which is not helping this dowdy-momma image I'm trying to shake. So, I bought these obscenely expensive bad boys for everyday wear. My favorite shoe salesman Derek brought these out and said, "This ain't your momma's shoe". However, I can't bring myself to wear them yet. Some enabling is appreciated.

I came home to this! Pictures on the mantle from my 3 favorite people, listing off their favorite qualities about me. Quite possibly my favorite gift!

Then off to dinner with the family for some tasty prime rib, and yummy desserts. Mr. Boy is showing off his "crayon binoculars". Then, my brothers gave me two awesome gifts. One was the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, which I can't put down. The other was Emergency on DVD. Oh how I loved Jon Gage when I was little. Anyway, I'm having a blast watching these with the kids. They love them!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Wendy! I'm glad you had a great day!

Tammy said...

happy birthday wendy! twilight do your shoes!

laura said...

man, oh man! i feel so bad! i got you a birthday card and it disappeared at the grand californian at some point....

but you know i was wishing you a very, very happy birthday! i had so much fun just hanging with you guys last night. love you!!!!! and i even love your shoes! ;)

Anonymous said...

Goodness those are fierce! I love them.

I saw your birthday card sitting on the TV cabinet at the hotel. I can vouch that it was a lovely card. Now, where it ended up, I have no idea.

I have the cutest picture of the kids. It's right when N clobbered A. He had the look of utter naughty, and A is wailing. I think Anna caught the moment too. Poor sweet A, but at some point, she's gonna clobber back.

Beth said...

Oh- I saw the card, too! Check with Anna- she had a bunch of stuff up there, so maybe she scooped it up. It was tres cute!

And Roy deSoto was the hot paramedic. Cute, devoted family man always trumps hunky ladies-man... ;)

Kerry said...

Those shoes are INCREDIBLE. I LOVE them!!!!!!

Happy belated birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

I know you must have had a great time sitting on your lawn chair. ;-)

Oh, btw, I belong in Paris too :-)