Saturday, October 11, 2008


We are lucky to live in a town in the middle of OC, that has old roots. It's just the kind of place that Mr. Man and I love. We love being able to walk to dinner, to the park, etc. So imagine our surprise when we moved into this house, and found the streets were all closed because of a big giant Fall Carnival right in our neighborhood. It was perfect! I haven't been able to go for the last two years due to stupid health things, so I was excited to go with the family. It was a blast, check out these pics. Contemplating the next ride... AK was two inches too small to go on most rides, so I said... "Have your very own soda kid.. " to make it up to her.
Mr. Boy who won't ride ANYTHING other than the Monorail and Teacups at Disneyland RODE everything he could! This ride was one of those things where you think... I'm paying $6 bucks for my kids to sit in a plastic boat and go around in a circle. That is where I have to quiet my inner nerdy accountant with a funnel cake. Somewhere in this pic is my Mr. Boy's feet as he is spun around high in the air on this beautiful antique Carnival Swing. It was a GORGEOUS piece of art and the "carnie" told me the history of it. It was a work of art and was imported from Germany pre-war.
We walked AK home and Mr. Boy and I came back to indulge in some more rides. We stayed until closing time, which was hours after his bedtime, and walked home in the rain trying to catch raindrops on our tongues. I went to bed that night realizing, it's okay to bend the rules sometimes.... indulge the kids in some serious sugar, stay up way too late, and jump as hard as you can in the puddles.. for tommorrow the sun will come out and dry them up!


Jamie said...

Wow, Mr. Boy is quite the dare devil and bending the rules is a very good thing. :)

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laura said...

rules are made to be broken, my friend! you rock.