Thursday, October 02, 2008

He loves her... from a distance.

We love to visit and meet the Characters at Disneyland, well most of us do. Mr. Boy from an early early age has been fearful of people dressed up in costumes. I've have been at several birthday parties where Characters have made an appearance and watched Mr. Boy run... run FAST in the opposite direction. He even has a scar from a mishap that occured while running from Santa Claus.

I was curious as to what would happen if he met Mary Poppins, who he loves more than anyone on the planet. We LOVE Mary Poppins in this house, and she is often quoted around here. We often ask, "What Would Mary Poppins Do?"when faced with tough situations.

First, he spots Mary Poppins and takes his position
Then he convinces AK to go and meet them... which she does happily. Then he grills AK, "What was she like? Did she smell like Marshmallows?" He stays hiding in the same spot for 30 minutes, quietly watching her.... totally smitten.
Mary Poppins is a smart cookie... she knows he's watching her, and she sings while staring right at him. She blew him a kiss, which I swear I saw his knees go weak. When I tossed a coin in the wishing well that day... I wished for him to find a lovely British Bride one day, who sings and travels by floating umbrella.


Steph said...

love love LOVE it! Mr. Boy just melts my heart. We love Mary Poppins too, but not this much. We melt for Darth Maul in the Jedi Academy Training. I love the softer side of little boys. ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... That is too adorable. I must have him.

I can rub marshmallows all over my body and speak in an English accent. My name is already Mary, so I'm halfway there.

Give him to me!!!!

Jamie said...

That's so cute. "Does she smell like marshmallows? ROTFLOL!