Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Field Trip for me... erm.. Mr. Boy

Mr. Boy's class takes a field trip every month, and this month they went to a place I've always wanted to go.... To the Pumpkin Patch. I've always wanted to pick out a pumpkin from a giant field, but the draw of Trader Joe's $3 pumpkins have lured me away. So I volunteered to drive and be a chaperone, plus it's the perfect outing for little Miss Cowgirl, AK. I took a carload of boys, which meant listening to tooting noises or talk of tooting the whole time. These guys are such goofballs, but I enjoy them immensely thanks to growing up with brothers.
We loved the petting zoo. Mr. Boy said, "Mom, we need a big farm, with a swimming pool.... by the ocean... and the mountains... with a white horse for me." Keep playing the lotto Mr. Boy... maybe one day!
And I was shocked to see this....
We picked vegetables... And she looked completely at home wandering around the farm. I have been yearning for a farm for the past year, even dreaming about it.
And to prove that I was actually there... here is a pic of the three of us!


Brooke said...

Cute! That looks like a lot of fun. BTW, I want a farm too - but I want like 3 or 4 houses so I can just pick which one I want to be in at the moment - come on, Lotto!!

Jamie said...

I'd say Mr. Boy has good taste. :)

Love that picture of the goofy boys. Looks like a great time.