Thursday, October 09, 2008

Imaginative Play

A few months ago, we were discussing AK's growth and development, and we both were concerned about whether or not she was given enough opportunities to develop an imagination. Mr. Boy, a born leader, is usually leading playtime....

With Mr. Boy in school 5 days a week, along with a social calendar with playdates and birthday parties, AK has had some much needed time at home to play with her toys uninterrupted. Mr. Man and I were in our home office staring at our hard hit stock portfolio trying to will it back to life, while AK happily played at our feet. We both turned our attention away from finances, and watched our little girl narrate the most elaborate story, through song and words. Apparently, the cow& sheep are driving cars to see their friends in the Wizard of Oz. After watching her for some time, our fears have subsided... and again we are amazed at how far she has come.

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