Monday, October 13, 2008

Quirky, a Tag

A tag from my pal Booboo to list 5 Quirky things about myself. The challenge is narrowing them down... I'm an Aquarius, by nature we are Quirky people.

1. Somewhat stolen from Booboo. I'm not a big phone person, there are a handful of people I enjoy long chats on the phone with... I've come off as very rude to several hundred people in my life because I will end the conversation quickly after "hello". Booboo and I have a fabulous arrangement where we leave voicemails for each other. It's brilliant... we can rant, brag, boast, or whine uninterrupted. Plus, my children constantly badger me on the phone. I've even had pretend conversations so I can teach them manners. Total sidenote, I was talking to Bob today on the phone and her daughter was repeating everything she said, it was HILARIOUS, and had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

2. I cannot stand the sound of ice scraping, it makes me physically uncomfortable. That's why I just cannot live in the snow, and I use that as justification as to why I'm not an Ice Skating Gold Medalist. I'm positive, that is MY sport, the one that I was born with natural talents at, but alas cannot compete.

3. On the opposite end of the spectrum, in Hot or Dry Weather I get constant nosebleeds. There is a surgery to fix it, but I started to feel like I would pass out when they explained the procedure. Far too icky to consider.

4. I was terrified my whole childhood of being abducted by aliens and I still get a little spooked out at night. My family loved watching "The Twilight Zone" & "Unsolved Mysteries" and I remember asking my mother if there was such a thing as Aliens after watching an Alien Abduction episode. She said "Yes, absolutely." From that point on, I was terrified at night that I would be abducted by aliens and no one know what happened to me.

5. I can not Hula Hoop. I have tried... but completely lack the coordination and the ability to do so.

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