Monday, December 29, 2008

Other occasions of Merriment

The kids school put on a "Journey to Bethelehem" activity in which the kids got to learn all sorts of ancient traditions and history. Here the kids make dreidels with some of our pals. And we all learned a Jewish dance... And here is AK with one of her favorite people on the planet, her teacher, or as AK calls her, "This is MY friend" She is incredibly gifted and her class is filled with singing and dancing.
This is Mr. Boy's teacher, each and every day we gave thanks for this amazing teacher who "gets Mr. Boy" and loves him. She laughs a lot and Mr. Boy loves her, because of her he doesn't want to miss a single minute of school.
The kids found this amazing stick that looked just like antlers. And they both tried them out. We decided to head over to South Coast Plaza, my fourth favorite place on the planet. We had to take a minute to take a picture of the Worlds Largest Christmas Tree. It was gorgeous but I couldn't shake the feeling that I had already seen the World's Largest Christmas tree somewhere else. Oh that's right, there are three trees in the area boasting the same title. We rode the carousel which they change out for the holiday. It has reindeers and sleighs. You can also glimpse Santa as you go around, and AK kept missing him. She burst into tears anxious to see her friend again. Finally, he stood up and waved and all was well again.
It was on this trip that I found a rare member of the Justice League that Mr. Boy had asked Santa for and was able to sneak it up to the register, thanks to a whole team of people who occupied my children while I paid. I accidentally left the package out on my desk and it was discovered the next morning. Drats!! However, Mr. Boy understands the importance of suprises this year. He helped me wrap it and gave an oscar winning performance on Christmas morning pretending he had no idea that I had bought it for him. Thankfully, he believes that I communicate with Santa on which presents we are already buying for him. Phew!

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