Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was at Mr. Man's Uncle & Aunt's home. I said this before in this post: Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb, everyone should be so lucky to have relatives like them. Deb makes you feel like you are the most special guest in attendance when you visit. There is no other woman more gracious than Aunt Deb. And Uncle Mike... everyone should have an Uncle Mike. And at one time, we had a theory, that everyone does have an Uncle Mike. He is a riot, always laughing, cracking jokes, and it's never dull around him. Mr. Man spent almost every holiday with his cousins, and now the best part is that those cousins are having "mini cousins" and so there is a playmate for everyone.
Or a pseudo-cousin to play with. These are actually cousins by marriage or something complex like that.
My favorite part is this, everyone in the kitchen, working, laughing, and chatting.
This is the family think tank, where all good ideas are hatched. And an attempt to get a Christmas card pic completed the day. Why can't four people smile and look good at the same moment in time? Why do my eyes disappear every time I smile?
PS Remember the stone Mr. Boy swallowed, I can say with confidence that it is now out of his body.

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Cimblog (tm) said...

wooo...the stone is out!