Monday, December 01, 2008


Mr. Man was home for 9 days, which was awesome. However, he was not feeling all that swell during his time home. Which meant the grand plans for adding that Eastern Wing on the house would have to wait... So I took the kids to see Bolt in 3D and also Madagascar 2.And I had my camera confiscated by Mr. Boy, who captured this adorable shot
and then 100 other shots that look roughly like this. Then we packed up the kids and took them to Not Santa Barbara where my parents currently live. We went for a long walk to jump in the puddles.Played at the park
These guys are adorable in their matching vests.
The Misters spent most of the daylight hours hunting lizards. AK touched one and immediately burst into tears. It was "Pointy and tried to jump on me" in her words.We celebrated Mr. Man's birthday and got creative with a bib.True Story: My dad won't eat cake if you have blown candles out on it, he feels like he is eating cake that you just spit upon. So, at my parents house we only put candles on your piece of cake. Then we packed up the car again... and drove over the river and through the woods.... to Aunt Deb's for Thanksgiving!


Cindy said...

Oh my goodness. AK is really getting beautiful, isn't she?!

Brooke said...

Looks fun - I may have to agree with our Dad on that one, by the way...especially on a child's cake ;)