Monday, December 29, 2008

Bear with me... It's gonna feel like A Christmas Carol

I still have lots of things I want to remember about this holiday season, so you are going to feel like each posts is like the Ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future.

Remember AK and her cute performance in a previous post, well Mr. Boy performed too. Here are the angel costumes I worked on. And I'm pretty sure Mr. Boy isn't singing "Glooooooooooria" with his tongue hanging out of his mouth like that. Here is Baby Rollerhand and AK before we left for one of our parties. They had matching dresses, I'm pretty sure that was the first outfit Baby Rollerhand wore this entire year, despite the drawer full of doll clothes.And a candid of Mr. Boy with Sandy showing off his Pokemon cards. Curse you classmates for introducing Pokemon cards to Mr. Boy, and double curses for having the odacity to share and give some cards to him. I swore I would have a Pokemon-free house. I also swore my children would never have a tantrum in public...At our Church's Christmas Party, Mr. Boy snapped this cute pic of AK with some of our favorite friends.So, we spent most of the month of December trying to see Santa. Both kids were terrified of the man in the big red suit. We would go to the mall, stand in line, and get close and then the tears would start and someone would end up running away. *flashback* Two years ago, Mr. Boy ran outside at the mention of Santa while at a party. He just took off running, and unfortunately ran smack into the side of a clipboard a man was carrying, split his head right open. Santa hadn't even arrived yet. Last year Mr. Boy kept probing me about Santa "coming into our house" and was terrified at the thought of Santa being "in his space". *end flashback*
At this Christmas party everyone is sitting, singing carols and in walks Santa. AK leaps up and runs over to him and leaps into his arms. He carried her around a bit, and I stood there baffled. This is the child who was the first one to start crying at the sight of the mall santa. Mr. Boy waited in line knowing this was his chance to ask Santa for what he wanted on Christmas morning. He had carefully weighed the options for an entire week, and decided a minute of terror would be managable if it involved getting Pokemon cards and the "Big Red Dragon". We had talked about how you should just ask for one thing, but apparently he forgot all about that. Santa leaned forward, and Mr. Boy whispered for a long time a list of everything he wanted, including the stores he had seen them at, and in some cases the price. Every holiday my mom and I do something festive, last year we saw the Rockettes, this year we went to this fabulous resturant called The White House, the highlight of the evening was giggling while we perused the chef's cookbook that was filled with pictures of scantily clad waiters seductively holding the chef's creation.
It wouldn't be holidays without a visit to Neiman Marcus and pictures in front of the World's Largest Christmas Tree. And we had to take a moment to be silly. And it was on this trip we purchased the infamous Christmas Sweater. Mr. Boy has worn it nonstop since he tried it on in this dressing room. Mr. Boy insists he wants his new room to look just like this dressing room. And can she get any cuter!?! I just love having a little girl. Wouldn't she look adorable in Paris? She would look lovely in a pink beret to match her coat. Let's move there I say!
These next two pics represent the essence of Mr. Boy. This is the two sides to him. There is no middle... he is so totally full of life, head thrown back in laughter embracing every minute.
And also totally determined and focused with his little tongue off to side as he concentrates on doing his best work. Well, maybe there is one other.... the mischievious side. However, I love it... wouldn't change a thing.


Mary said...

I just figured out who Mr. Boy reminds me of. Ralphie! He looks exactly like him in that last picture... when he's trying to decode Little Orphan Annie's secret message.

(Pssst! Mr. Boy! It says, "Remember to drink your Ovaltine.")

Brooke said...

Love the pics - good job documenting everything so well, super mom :)

stacy said...

My little envelope of happiness will arrive next week and I'm hoping you don't already have it. It involves your favorite city in the world.