Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fourth of July

Summer is flying by, and we are on this lazy lovely schedule. We are swimming everyday, hitting the beach a ton, and being visited by friends. I haven't booted my computer up in days, so I'm far far far behind.
For the Fourth of July, we hit the annual pancake breakfast and waterfight and took our standard pic on the front steps.We came home and threw rocks at my neighbor Robby Joyner. (Person who can name that reference gets a prize!) In reality, we threw Water Balloons at Mr. Maxwell*. Many of you don't know that I smoke. I love smoking, do it quite often, especially with the neighbors. Every Fourth, Mr. Maxwell has a big smoking party and I go over and smoke an assortment of meats for the evening BBQ. (Did you think I meant smoking ciggarettes?) I didn't get any pics of me smoking with the guys. However, I did capture one with Baby Jojo, the Maxwells Baby. Pass the BBQ sauce please, because I could eat her up, I really could. During the BBQ, I looked over to find AK naked and playing in the kiddie pool. I'm going to have start sewing her into her clothes. She takes being "French" to literally. At the conclusion of the BBQ, there is always a pinata. Mr. Boy was the biggest kid there and demolished it!There is a King Edward pinata for the adults, most of whom are a bit tipsy. We smash the pinata to again declare our Independence from the King. At the end of the night, we watched the fireworks of multiple shows from atop the jungle gym. Mr. Boy was fascinated at the story of the birth of our great nation. He loved hearing about the "redcoats" and it was a very cool conversation to have with fireworks bursting all around you. I'm grateful for the freedoms we enjoy.

*Names changed


Brooke said...

Very fun - love the idea of an "adults only" pinata - I need to take some agression out on a pinata!!!

Mary said...

Oh my gosh, baby Maxwell is too cute for words! All that hair!!! I'm so jealous.

She looks like she could be your offspring.