Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Staycation 2009

Here's a recap of the last six months. Mr. Man was moved up to Seattle for a bit, which was tough. Then it looked like we would be spending the summer in Seattle with Mr. Man, hanging out with Billy. Billy who? Oh, I guess other people call him Bill Gates. Ok, maybe not really, but are you aware that he pretty much dominates the economic state of Washington? When he sighs, it causes the winds to blow off the Puget Sound. Anyway...... when Mr. Man was moved back down to Southern California he was able to take a month off. Which meant STAYCATION! Wahoo. No one Staycations like us, we've got this down to a science. So now you are caught up. Here is a recap of our month long staycation which happened in May, but I am so terribly behind on my life. Thanks to one of my clients we saw an Angels game. Anyone need some good advertising help, I've got a fabulous agency to refer you to. We camped out in the living room, since Mr. Boy was going to miss the Father & Son's campout. We are such wussy campers, someone needs to help us. Otherwise the kids are going to think that camping is something you do in your living room in a tent bought from Ikea. Mr. Boy lost his first tooth, and was visited by the tooth fairy who littered the house with fairy dust. Mr. Man and I got away for a little amore to this great little hotel we love. We had the best time. Then we packed up the car and headed to Ahwatuckee (Phoenix) for a family wedding. Check out how we found Woody when we opened up the back at the end of the drive. AK & her cousin are great friends. Both oh-so-girly and yet influenced by their brothers. We headed off for some pre-wedding primping. I got new eyebrows from a lady who had no idea what it's like to have been born with a unibrow. Nor did she know anything about shaping, and I loved my pencil thin brows for the 48 hours I was graced with them. But they just weren't me.My job for the wedding was getting the girls ready. They were so cute helping each other get ready. Fast forward 20 plus years and hopefully they'll be helping each other button up a wedding dress. The nuptials were very casual. Here is Mr. Uncle, Their Mom, and Mr. Man.
No really, it was super casual. Most of us were swimming just 20 minutes earlier. The couple is married.....
And moments later AK re-enacts her favorite part of the wedding and subsequently gets grounded for the next 29 years. Then we headed home.
Oooo I bet you are just riveted waiting for Part Deux of this Staycation Saga.


Kerry said...

WOW that is quite the update! Looks like you have been incredibly busy!! Congratulations on your little one losing a tooth! We waited forever for Matthew to finally lose his first. It was pretty exciting.

At least your camping involves something that looks like a tent. Heck we just sleep in the living room on the couches for 'camping.' Sometimes I wish I was a bit more outdoorsy.

Love ya!

Mary said...

Looks like fun! And I'm still bummed that you weren't hanging with me and Billy up here in WA. :(

Your new eyebrows looks fierce, and it looks like AK is taking after her mommy. (Kissy face) Hee.