Friday, July 31, 2009

Staycation 2009 Part Deux

We met up with some friends for a beach bonfire before tourist season hits the local beach. FYI... you don't have to arrive at 4pm on a Monday evening to reserve a pit like we did during the off season. Notice how there are empty pits all around us? Mr. Man won't stop teasing me about how I insisted on arriving 3 hours early to save a firepit.However, arriving at the beach early gave everyone a chance to play and chat. We LOVE this family.During our staycation, Mr. Man and I could have hot brunch or lunch dates while the kids were at school. Even better we could attend the kids performances together. Such as Mr. Boy's re-enactment of Noah's Ark. We hit Sea World and said hello to Shamu. We loved watching the Manatees. So peaceful. The whole family loved Sea World. AK met Elmo & Zoie(?) and told Elmo, "Don't SING" before she would take a pic. (Apparently, she also finds Elmo's voice ridiculously annoying. What a smart girl!) During our Staycation, Mr. Man got some much needed rest.

We went to Disneyland a bunch of times!
With Mr. Man home, I got to sneak out and do "Super Mega Awesome Days" with each kid, which involved a trip to Disneyland where the answer was "Yes" to everything they asked for. Which surprisingly wasn't much more than a pirate gun, face painting, and a lollipop.We indulged in our favorite pastime of hanging out at the beach. Our favorite is to go late afternoon and take a snack. We go for a walk, collect shells, and chat while the sun goes down.

We come home and have baths, then a late dinner with children whose eyelids are heavy from all the salty air.
And thus ended the annual Staycation... I'm grateful Mr. Man is still gainfully employed and has a job that lets him take a large of chunk of time off here and there.

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