Monday, July 13, 2009

Tough Times

Everyone's feeling the pinch of the tough economy. These dogs of ours are just a drain on the finances. We are all looking for ways to make a buck. I came across this vintage poster, and it reminded me of old fashioned carnivals. Remember, the half man, half woman.. What if...I put these lazy dogs to work at the carnival to bring in some dough... Maybe if we go for the half normal labrador... Half hairless wonder dog? Kind of like the half man / half woman? Even Sandy yawned out of boredom (and the her shaved streaky fur doesn't even really show up in the picture. Believe it or not, I did a better job this year compared to last year. ) You'll just have to believe me that this post was 10 times funnier in my head. I was chuckling the whole time I shaved just half of her for this pic. (I did shave the other half later.) The best part about shaving her myself besides the $100 bucks I saved is that it cracks me up every time she wanders into the room for 6 weeks until it grows back. She looks fantastically awful.


Mary said...

You shaved half your dog??? LOL.

You should shave the other side but leave a mohawk-like strip down the middle. Dogs like to be trendy, too.

Qwendykay said...

Mary... See this why we are fake sisters. I shaved half of her and left her like that for 2 days until I could take some good pictures that weren't of her scowling at me. Then... I left a mohawk for a week. Tried to spike it for a picture, but she wouldn't hold still long enough for the hairdryer to dry the gel. Poor dog. She is being tortured merely for my amusement.