Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ruby, a darling canine, is bunking here at Chateau du la French for the next week or so. Mr. Boy insists that she likes having books read to her. This dog actually does tricks on command, unlike the other two lazy canines who reside her.
Sandy will only do tricks if after her careful analysis and deems the treat to be worthy of the effort. Skoopix, who has heart so big we are certain it actually encroaches on her brain (a very polite way of saying "limited mental capacity") can only follow the command of "sit" and "down".
The kids are having a blast entertaining us with "The Ruby Show", and have decided that Ruby should be in the circus with the tricks she performs. Maybe while Ruby's folks are out of town, I'll take Sandy the half shaved dog and Ruby on the road in a traveling circus!


Davis Family said...

she looks SO content!!! you guys are awesome!

[O] jai said...

I would pay good money to see the Ruby & Sandy Show!

Mary said...

Aww! You should keep her!