Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Day of First Grade

Sometime last week Mr. Boy went from being fun to a nightmare. I was ready to ship him off to a far off land, but realized later that evening that he was nervous about school. It's a new school, and we only know one kid his age there. The night before school all was well, but as soon as the lights went out he panicked. Total meltdown, but quickly solved by watching "The Three Stooges" in my bed. He could NOT be lured out of bed this morning, only the shouts of "Oh my goodness it's raining!" (And that wasn't a lie, we had a surprise rain shower!) His brow furrowed and you could tell he was trying to be brave. He is "smiling" in this pic. By the time we got inside the classroom, there was one solitary tear starting down his cheek. Within a few minutes, it was a full on cry. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it together much longer, so with the blessing of his teacher and a quick hug & a kiss, I was off. I spent the entire day worrying about my beautiful child. (and Sandy... another story for another day.)
I knew he would be okay... eventually. How many days would it take? Not long because this is the kid I picked up from school. He loved it.
He asked his teacher as he left, "How many hours until I wake up and come back?" His teacher told me that by noon he was acting as if he owned the place and was trying to run the joint. I think she figured out pretty quickly that he is a leader not a follower. Phew, so far, so good.


Cimblog (tm) said...

Go Mr. Boy!!! You look perplexed.

(also, you need a new hairdo)

Mary said...

He is looking so grown up and tall!!! I'm glad he had a good time his first day. Poor little guy looked so scared.