Thursday, October 01, 2009

First Day of Pre K..

Somewhere along the line, AK's first day of school pics were uploaded but never published. Forgive me girly girl... Here is the first day of school breakdown. In an effort to break you of your dress habit, I bribed you into wearing shorts with the promise of ice cream. You also demanded "Two Ponies" in your hair. (ponytails)
Somehow, I misplaced the shoes we bought at our annual back to school shopping trip, so we had to run out the night before to get new tennis shoes. School kind of snuck up on me, due to the awesome laziness of our summer days and I felt horribly disorganized. You love that these have a star and real laces. We took our annual pic in front of the sign, and you were anxious to run off to be with your friends and your teacher, who you love, love, love. You have three pals in your class who you've known forever... ALL BOYS! When I left, I had a flashback to the many times I have fretted over milestones, and here you are talking in ginormous monologues all the while balancing on one foot. It seems silly that I worried about when you would walk and talk, obsessed over your weight in grams. Those days are far behind you. Mr. Boy was stoked that he hadn't started school yet, but wore his old school shirt to show his support. That entire morning he asked, "When is it time to pick up AK?" You were excited to tell us all about your day when we picked you up, and kept saying how you got to do things because "I'm bigger this year, because I'm four."

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SO cute!