Monday, October 05, 2009

Princess-Dinosaur-Butterfly-Star Wars Birthday Party

Remember ages ago, Miss AK had a birthday. Summer birthday's are tough, and so we experimented with having her party in the fall after she started school. AK could not pick a party theme, so I had her narrow it down to four. Even picking just four was ridiculously hard for her, she wanted a Dinosaur-Princess-Star Wars-Butterfly-Pokemon-Pony-Wonder Woman-Dog-Supergirl-Kitten-Cooking Party. I fully believe my kids are the hosts of the party, they pitched in and AK help decorate the cupcakes. AK picked out the world's largest bouncehouse, fit for a princess... and her entire kingdom. The kids helped me decorate, and I loved how girly it turned out... If you look a little closer, you'll see there is dinosaurs mixed in, attacking the princesses. Minutes before the party, AK decided she wanted a superhero party instead.... *sigh* When I popped a crown on her head, we were back into Princess-Dinosaur-Butterfly-Star Wars Party mode, and Superheros were stashed for next years party. Everyone got a light saber upon arrival, which was a big hit. Everyone had a good time playing Princess and Star Wars. All was well, lunch was served, a small fire extinguished, served cake, and opened presents. Oh, did I gloss over lunch? We had sandwiches cut out in dinosaur and butterfly shapes. Are you still obsessing about the fire? Oh, small detail. I had a citronella candle out by the food, and Mr. Man moved it right next to the napkins. A small breeze... poof the napkins caught on fire. Awesome! My favorite was stamping the fire out with my fabulous sparkly shoes and turning around to see Eight 4 year olds staring with wide eyes. Quickly I turned into a teaching moment, "Fire is hot, Stop, Drop, and Roll.. Yadda Yadda" Secretly, I hoped the kids would forget by party's end. AK told me at the end of the day, "It's so fun being Four, am I Four now, or do we have to eat more cake?" Her favorite part of the day was "having my class over to eat cupcakes and play Star Wars".


Brooke said...

Wow! That is an AWESOME party - good job, miss Super-Mom ;) Poor Elena got taken to McDonalds with Grandma for her party - somehow I don't think that ranks alongside the four-themed bounce house shindig (I hope she never sees your blog!)

Laura said...

The greatest birthday parties are marked by fire. The year I turned 30 there was a fire AND a flood at our apartment just hours before our guests were to arrive.