Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween is coming.

After the Halloween boxes were brought down... I walked by the window to see this in my backyard. A goblin child contemplating his next spell.
And I'm loving these vintage Halloween plastic plates, along with several other sets that I inherited when some family friends moved. The price tag says 45cents!
This giant creepy thing keeps showing up, and it freaks me out. However, we are knee deep in reading Charlotte's Web and the kids think this is Charlotte. So we have to let her stay. It's the time of year for Petting Zoos and Pony Rides. AK showing a "little baby doat" some love. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" has been on playing on repeat at our house. The best part is watching the kids double over laughing when Lucy yanks the football away from Charlie Brown. AK has picked her costume, and then changed her mind 72 times. Mr. Boy can't decide because after buying him the 40 billion dollar Flash Costume last year to have him only wear it for an hour... I have put my foot down on buying him a new costume. It makes me feel like a giant Scrooge. Oh well. We've had a blast making homemade Halloween Decorations, and plastering the kids art all over the wall. Such a fun and festive time of year.


laura said...

ok, those plates are super vintagey fabulousness! LOVE them! and that pic of mr. boy - priceless!

see you tomorrow! xo

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