Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Harvest Festival

It was 9 years ago that we moved into this little house. Mr. Man went ahead with the dogs and the moving van, and I was a couple minutes behind. Mr. Man called me and said, "Um... the freeway offramp is closed for a parade." A few minutes later, I got another call, "Um.. the streets are blocked off the house... due to a festival." We love this harvest festival... it reminds me that in the midst of this suburban sprawl... we live in a town with a long history and a deep community spirit. The kids had a blast on the rides. Poor AK wasn't tall enough AGAIN this year to go on much, but she took it in stride! She was tall enough to go on this little rollercoaster, which she LOVED and begged to go again and again.Mr. Boy loves this ride... and I love this expression. This ride has captured my heart. I learned last year that it is an antique belonging to one of the old great "carnie" families. It was a gift to his wife for her birthday back in the day. It made an appearance at Neverland Ranch, and then the carnival family bought it back. It is GORGEOUS and SOOO FUN. I hopped on it with Mr. Boy and it felt so liberating to fly through the air. I loved it! The best was watching Mr. Man trying to capture a pic of Mr. Boy and I from the ground. He was watching intently but couldn't spot us. Miss AK waved at me EVERY single time I went around, she had no trouble spotting me. I laughed and smiled so big my face hurt by the end.

I'm totally asking Santa for one of these this year.


Laura said...

Fun! I'm proud of you for being brave enough to go on those "portable" rides. I don't trust 'em. But good for you! Yay!

Cimblog (tm) said...

I just watched a show that had one of these swing rides that goes 300 feet in the air and swings at about 40 miles per hour. AWESOME!