Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Any guesses on what these guys are? I'll give you a hint, each of the dogs "goes" with one of the kids. I'm not gonna lie... the dogs were a stretch this year. I thought I was being clever, but it really didn't translate to anyone who doesn't live inside my head. Notice Sandy is having a good time, and Skoopi is about to drop dead from humiliation. Answer is below. Mr. Man shows off his skillz and his pumpkin which kind of resembles him... don't you think?
AK as Little Red Riding Hood. I made this costume from scratch, no pattern and LOVE how it turned out. I was shocked when AK suggested it, she has been talking about being a Star Wars character or a princess all year. I jumped all over the idea and bought the fabric 10 minutes later.
I made this outfit for AK last year and was thrilled that it still fits. AK wore it everyday this week.
So if you guessed AK was Little Red Riding Hood and Sandy is the Big Bad Wolf you are correct! Shhh... The costume tag actually says, "Lion" which I didn't realize until I brought it home, but if you squint real hard she kind of looks like a wolf.
Mr. Boy was boycotting Halloween because I refused to buy him a billion dollar Boba Fett costume. The kid had 2 costumes last year, and yet wore his Batman Pajamas for most of the festivities, so I put my foot down on a new costume this year. At the last minute, he negotiated a compromise, ended the boycott and decided he wanted to be a pirate. Some scrounging around produced a decent costume, and Skoopi is a Crocodile, specifically, the one from Peter Pan who taunted Captain Hook. The crocodile costume was Nathan's idea and there is a green cape on Skoopi that isn't pictured that gives the "full effect" of "kind of, sort of, looking like a crocodile".


Mary said...

I love it! Once a year at Halloween, I wish I could sew. Jealous of your crafy prowess.

Rebecca said...

So all I could see from this picture of Ross was the mickey mouse Tshirt. Wow he got a new t shirt. Awesome.