Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Of course I think my kids are amazing, and I'm biased, but how many kids do you know that sleep until 8:30AM on Christmas Morning.  The kids slept in the same room on Christmas Eve, complete with their own tree and woke to a handful of small gifts under their tree. We heard them bouncing around and decided it was time to get this show on the road.
They have to stay in their room until we give the OK, I love seeing them so excited.
Baby Roller Hand must have been on the good list, because she got a few gifts from Santa this year. 
Mr.Boy has been talking about this crazy expensive Volcom Jacket for weeks.  I told him I can't imagine ever dropping that kind of cash on a sweatshirt.   What he didn't know was that I went to 6 different stores trying to hunt down the one he wanted in his size.  He was ecstatic when he realized what it was.
He immediately wanted to show it off and hasn't taken it off since...except to wear his Leather Jacket.  I swear this kid is going to break the bank with his clothing preferences.  Although... ahem... I may have the same taste. 
Last Year, ALL the cousins and ALL of AK's friends got an American Girl Doll for Christmas.  All of them, every single one, or so AK told us.  This year she asked Santa for American Girl Doll and a cup of her very own.  I have never been more stressed dropping a Benjamin on a doll, knowing it would be one she would hopefully have forever.  There are a crazy amount of options, and then for $12 more you can add this, or that, and next thing you know $100 turns into $500 worth of American Girl items and you can't figure out how that happened.  I swear there must be brainwashing. 
But all that anxiety disappears when you see her face when she realizes what she is opening.  Plus factor in the fact how much she loves Baby Roller Hand, and how Baby Roller Hand has been part of our family, including family portraits for the past five years, you know that AK is going to love this doll.   She has spent hours brushing "Madeline's" hair, and changing her outfits 100 times.  It was a good gift for her.
I got surprised with an iPhone which I have been drooling over for the last few months after my phone tanked.  I am in love with my new toy and Siri is my new best friend.
AK made out like a bandit and seems a little shocked at her giant stack of gifts.  Seriously, ever Christmas I say, "Ok, we are going to scale it back this year," and every year we don't. 
Mr. Boy got everything on his list too, plus some.
After the gifts were opened and played with, we were off to our Sunday Service.  I couldn't resist wearing my outfit made by Aunt D.   I love it and I can guarantee I was the most festively dressed person in attendance that day! 
I think I'm totally going to bring the fur trimmed skirt back.  Hang on let me dial up Vogue see if I can get them on board. 

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Marina said...

What an awesome Christmas! I got an American Girl Doll too - and over the years received a second one, a portable closet, a bed... etc. Good luck trying to keep the # of presents down ;-)

PS How are you liking your iPhone? One of my favorite apps of all time is called Instagram (free!) and is the best - I know you would love it! If you add it, you can find me under username marinasmyres :)