Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My other favorite things: Ya Ya's

I just got back from spending a few days at the beach with some of my favorite people.  My girlfriends, aka "The Ya Ya's."  We met 13 years ago and bonded during book club (first book: Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood), and became fast friends.  These ladies know me better than myself, and they are my biggest cheerleaders.  We all lived within a few blocks of each other, and had the best time together.  We have had babies together, we have laughed and cried and comforted each other.  There is a bond between these ladies unlike anything else and when we are together it feels like we haven't been apart.  We all live apart now, and when we get together it is always a good time.  We hardly sleep, because we can't stand wasting our time together snoozing.  I can't speak for all of them, but when times are challenging, Mr. Man encourages me to consult the Ya Ya's, because they are wise and comforting.

On Friday Night, we hit Joe's Crab Shack for some Buckets of Crab.  Our waitress approached us at the end of our meal, and said, "Oh! I hear we are celebrating a birthday!!"  I smile and look around at my friends who are beaming at me and wonder, "Oh who has a birthday next?  Wait... no one does.. uh oh.. oh no!"  My birthday is coming up and the Ya Ya's knew this place dressed you up and made you dance and Yee Haw your way around the restaurant on your birthday.  It was a prime opportunity to laugh it up.    

We made good memories, lounged around, and laughed so much our sides ached.  I left the weekend better than when I arrived, and that's exactly how a girls weekend should be. 
Why is it that when you are going on away for a few days, it is so much work to get things ready?  Is this a mom thing?   It was totally worth it, but the phenomenon baffles me.   

And we have a winner for the final Faux-Prah giveaway!  
Not a pic of our winner, but an honest to goodness still from a real Oprah's Favorite Things Giveaway Audience.
Amy from Almost Normal  who is pulling the same trick I did almost two years ago and moving right after Christmas.   Oh man, I feel for her!  Amy email me at Qwendykay at and I will send your stuff out to you so that you can unpack it, admire it, and then pack it up into a box again!

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