Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 2011: The Second Week

Mr. Man and I enjoyed a shared work at home day, which is rare for us.  He and I held hands and stared adoringly at each other while we worked. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but we did chat and enjoy our time together.  Even better, we got the Christmas List hammered out and gifts ordered! PS His new look, makes him look like a zombie.
While not super festive, it was fun and a change from my normal routine.  The good folks at GoGoSqueez, my very favorite snack food, sent over a researcher to document the "A Day in the Life of a GoGoSqueez Mom".  I love their product, and I've declared my love previously.   I'm so tired of feeling like I'm losing the "good food" battle, and GoGoSqueez is my secret weapon in making sure my kids are eating well. 
Charlie (Mr. Research Man) got a peek in Chalet Life, and spent ample time in my filthy mom-mobile shuttling kids around. AK was deep into Nutcracker Practice and that night I hosted a small gathering for some people I volunteer with. 
Zoey, after getting fixed, and her last round of vaccinations as an early Christmas Present, got to finally go out the back gate to explore the "Back 40".   She and Rupert had quite the standoff for their first meeting until Rupert took a good sniff of her rear end and declared to the heard, "It's okay, she's one of those domesticated things!
I attended the annual Holiday Handmade Party again this year.  Last year I made fancy tea towels, that were not a hit.   This year I bought an old frame from a thrift store, painted it white, and made it into a  magnetic chalkboard.  This year I hit a homerun, and it was hit!!
Mr. Man and I attended his swanky company party.   I ended up changing my outfit at the last minute, and ditched the giant flower and the white jacket for something a bit more black. I naturally stuck my foot in my mouth when I implied someone was old who was only 26.  Mr. Man is good to put up with me.
AK & I went to see the "Real" Nutcracker and loved every minute of it.  She was in awe of the dancers and the costumes and can't wait to grow up to be a ballerina.  While we were waiting to go to the performance, we wrote our letters to Santa   AK asked for an American Girl Doll, Monster High Girls, and her very own cup.  She always throws something in her letter that is odd, but sweet.  Last year it was Scotch Tape. 
Mr.Boy had 100 items on his list, but in the end narrowed it down to three.   A skateboard, a leather jacket, and a ridiculously expensive Volcom Hoodie.  The kid has expensive taste just like his mama.
The next day I prepped for our annual Holiday Cookie Party.  While out grabbing the last minute items, I got into a car accident, when someone decided to change lanes and hit my car. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it is a pain in the rear, especially during the Christmas Holiday when you have 10,000 things to do.   I spent my evening baking away my frustration in the form of sugar cookies. 

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