Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December: The First Week

Last year, I chronicled our Daily Christmas Activities daily..  It was too time consuming so this year I'm trying to summarize by week.  Each day we try to do something festive for the holidays, and it has been something the kids look forward to each day.  
Dec. 1 - Decorate the Tree
and unpack Christmas Books. 
Dec. 2 - Unpack and Wash Christmas Jammies so they are toasty from the dryer by bedtime. 
They have insisted on sleeping in Santa Hats this month.
Dec. 3 - Mr. Man puts up the Christmas Lights.
Zoey helps.
Dec. 4 - Elf Dinner  After watching the movie Elf, we were inspired by the scene where Buddy the Elf makes spaghetti for breakfast, topping it with maple syrup, candy, and pop tarts.   The kids wanted to make "Elf's Spaghetti"  so we had it for dinner.

Mr. Man couldn't even watch, he was gagging the whole time.
 They LOVED it!  But could only handle about five bites of it! 
 Dec. 5 - Mr. Man and I have a teeny tiny little side business during the holidays.  It's a fun project to work on together, and Mr. Man is a great business partner.  We talk while we package up stuff to ship out, it's not as glamorous as a date, but it works. 
Dec. 6 - My Dad makes his weekly Tuesday visit, and AK ends up falling asleep with him on the couch while they were talking. That night I went out to celebrate my friend EllJayJay's birthday and ate Alligator for the first time.  It's true, it really does "taste like chicken".  Last year I shared a heartwarming story about how EllJayJay and I became friends. Read it! But fair warning it will make you cry!

 Dec. 7 - We attend Miss AK's Kindergarten performance of "The GingerBread Man"  She is a smash hit as she plays the part of Mrs. Baker. 
Later that day, I got a phone call that Mr. Boy got punched several times by a boy in his class.  As I drove to the school, I felt like a Mama Bear, ready to growl and attack those who try to harm my cub.  It reminded me of my mom as she was the Ultimate Mama Bear

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