Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve is my favorite.  The anticipation makes me giddy.  In the midst of all my festiveness, I had grown a bit behind on my Holiday To Do Lists.  A batch of Christmas Cards would have to be New Years Cards and on Christmas Eve morning I found myself at Costco picking up the last of the goods for the next few days of entertaining.  While I felt like a last minute loser, I made myself useful by picking up items the neighbors needed for their festivities.  

Once the food was handled, we could focus on family and fun. Mr. Man & Mr. Boy played "Ping Dong*" in Mr. Man's new Garage-Mahal.  The Garage-Mahal was a byproduct of the big Cleanout of 2011, and now he has lots of space for manly things.  

*Mr. Boy constantly mispronounces or makes up words, and I love it. Fortune Cookies = Future Cookies, Moonhole = Moon Roof, Wonder Woven = Wonder Woman, Ping Dong = Ping Pong
Mr. Uncle arrived in time to join for afternoon cocktails of "Christmas Soda". 
Soon the mini cousins arrived.  (Mini cousins are Mr. Man's Cousin's kids)  Cookies were made for Santa, including a Darth Vader and a Yoda.  AK knows Santa is a big Star Wars Fan. 
We caroled in costume to the neighbors, who loved it!
The best part of the evening was the outfits.  When I was at White Christmas with the Extended Family, I joked that during the Finale, I expected everyone to come to Christmas Eve Dinner at my house dressed just like the dancers in the finale.  Big Red Fur Trimmed Skirts, muffs, and Santa Hats.   Ross's Aunt D, who is someone I aspire to be like, took the idea and ran with it.
 Her family showed up in costume and brought outfits for everyone in attendance.   It made my Christmas!  I couldn't believe she did that.  I had been joking, but we did look mighty festive in our muffs and fur trimmed skirts. I LOVED IT!  We even dressed Zoey up! 
Luke 2 was read and acted out by the children.... 
Santa was tracked by Uncle Mike, thanks to NORAD. 
After lots of laughter and good food, our guests went home and it was time to put our kids to bed.  I love our annual picture in Christmas Jammies by the tree.  The kids are always so excited that they wrestle each other instead of posing.  I love that their is a puppy in the middle of the brawl, it just is such a snapshot into our life right now. 
Then... All is calm, All is Bright.

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