Monday, June 04, 2012

Allegedly, I'm a bad influence

For the last year we have had passes to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth with some friends of ours.  We have enjoyed our time immensely, and every single time we hit California Adventure, AK checks her height to see if she is tall enough for "Screaming!".   It's the big roller coaster at California Adventure.   She has been about a half an inch shy of the height requirement for most of the year.  In May, she was a quarter inch too short. Finally last week she was tall enough. 
 This girl is spunky, feisty, and fearless.   She will do anything if it is fun and loved every single minute of the roller coaster. 
 I cannot confirm or deny that she had help with a pair of spare underwear tucked into her shoes to help push her over the height requirement.  That would make me a reckless and careless mother, I know.   However, it wouldn't be the first time I broke the rules at Disneyland.  In 8th grade, my friends and I sunk a log boat mid-ride on Splash Mountain.   I got a first hand look at the Disneyland Jail that day and learned that Disney Security doesn't  really have the best sense of humor. 
 When we were hypothetically discussing whether or not to use underwear to help AK gain that quarter of an inch, Mr. Boys friend graciously offered up his underwear for the cause.  Thanks, but no thanks, as a mom, I seem to always carry spares. 
But I can't decide if that makes him the perfect partner in crime or a very loyal friend?


Maxmomma said...

Epic! I love your adventures (and your sneaky plans!). That is a cute crew you have there :).

Tanya said...

Ha! That's hilarious!! Go mom!!

Brooke said...

Too funny. And btw, my boys have those shirts too ;)