Monday, June 25, 2012

Would Sir desire a juice box?

Something happened last week and the Super Ultimate Mega Summer took it's toll on my family.  My kids turned from Partners in Fun to Grouchypants.   We tried going to bed and starting the day over at 3pm one day.  Everyone climbed back in bed, we started over with good morning and pleasantries and I made waffles at 3pm, pretending it was really 9am.  Then the bickering started over who got more chocolate chips on their waffle.   I stood there exasperated....  and out tumbled out, "Do you understand how lucky you are?   When I was little, I didn't even get to have waffles.... much less with chocolate chips!  We ate CAROB chips for a treat... do you even know what that tastes like? Like dirt... and cow poop...."   

I froze... I sounded like a crazy old woman.   This is not the right approach.   So a few nights later when Mr. Boy was feeling grouchy and feisty... I made him take a bath.   He fought me on it, but I wrestled him into the tub.  Literally, sticking him in the tub against his will.  Then I delivered dinner to him, pretending he was a king.   After he was done, I wrapped him in a towel, rubbed his back, and put him to bed, an hour early.  Somehow the royal treatment and the warm water melted away his bad attitude.

Last night, I was in a grouchy mood with a pounding headache.  Mr. Man came home and I cried and ranted to him. He gave me a hug and said, "Would my lady desire a bath?"  Ah... yes attitude is contagious and I decided mine needed to be washed away with a long hot bath... although instead of nuggets served tubside, I demanded a fruity drink and a trashy mag.  

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Elisa said...

I love that so much. A long soak with a beverage (diet Coke) and a trashy mag (I like InStyle) is the perfect way to detox.