Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Deer Abby, Does this make me a grandma?

Jane Doe, one of the resident deer was looking a little plump this last month.   Not surprising since she had been hanging around Buck Owens one of the male deer around Valentine's Day.  I swear I saw them dancing in the moonlight one evening.  June is the month of Deer Babies around these parts and it is my favorite time of year.   The evening that Jane went into labor I got all prepped and ordered Mr. Man to boil some water.  
 Shockingly, Jane wanted nothing to do with me while she was in labor, so I left her alone.   The next morning she brought her new fawn by to show her off. I. am. smitten. 
This little fawn is way better than prozac, she is an instant mood lifter.  I am so crazy in love with this little fawn.   I just want to squeeze her and make her my pet.  Mr. Man is adamant... "No deer in the house!"  But shhh... I'm going to try and convince Lucky and Jane to live inside the Chalet, I'm pretty sure I can train them to sit on the couch and watch basketball.  Did you know that baby deer make a meowing sound when they talk to their mom?
 Later that evening, the rest of the herd came by to dote on the new fawn.  It was kind of like a deer baby shower. 
Jane was so proud, she couldn't stop smiling and nuzzling her  baby.   We named the baby "Lucky", because we felt so lucky to have this baby fawn around. 
Well, well, well, and look who showed up to celebrate Lucky's arrival, Buck Owens aka Lucky's Dad!
He looks pretty impressed with himself, don't you think? 


Mary said...

Awwww! I want a little Bambi baby!

Hillary said...

Oh my! That little baby is so sweet!

Unknown said...

You are so funny and I had a great laugh! So adorable! Love it!

Diana Marks said...

such cute animals!!

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Brooke said...

You really shouldn't allow your deer to smoke. What kind of grandma are you anyway?